Borgia Marble offers a full range of stone installation, restoration and repair services for residential and commercial clients including:

Restoration and Repair

Whether your stone’s surface is stained, worn out, scratched or damaged, Borgia is able to restore its look and help reduce the chance further damage. Stone is often expensive to replace and with our expertise in stone restoration and repair, your investment gets an added value.


Is your stone looking dull or suffering its age?Having your stone polished professionally will improve its appearance and enhance its durability. Borgia uses the finest polishing techniques to enhance and preserve your stone’s luminosity.


Grinding is a technique that uses abrasive diamonds, to give a natural smooth look to your stone for a uniform appearance. This process brings new life to your stone, regenerating its original aspect.


Stone is expensive and requires the best possible maintenance. Borgia offers high quality Italian protective products for stone and ceramics that will leave your surface clean, looking new. Borgia can assist for indoors and outdoors and provide advice on the best solutions.


A proper installation is the most essential step when covering a surface in stone, marble or mosaic. Borgia assures excellent craftsmanship with care and professionalism.

Selection Advice

Choosing the right stone with the right colour and dimension can be challenging. Borgia’s array of experience in residential and commercial can assist you with your stone selection to create the perfect match according to the lights, the exigencies and character of your space.

Please feel free to Contact Us for any enquires you may have.



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